Siblla has a small cunt an serious orgasm problems that has to be solved in this video

teen with small cunt
Sibilla has some real issues in getting an orgasm. this cute Russian Teen is not completly unexperienced, and she allready had real sex with 2 guys. but she said to us, that it allways burns and hurts and she has the impression that her cunt is too small for a big penis. but when we went into the first steps of her treating we discovered soon, that she had a wetness problem. her pussy wasnt getting wet enough, even if she was horny and willing. so we started the clitoris treatment where the masturbator rubs the clitoris with like 300 rounds a minute. you will not believe how wet she became and sure after that we had to tryout real pussy fucking. oh man she was so tight and it felt so good for both of us. a very good treatment

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