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Here's more information about Kevin. So, I've already pointed out the zone sama raven, sociopathic, and mental instability of Kevin that pussy crush a result of the constant abuse that he experienced in his life.

Here's more about Kevin that further proves why he is unsuitable to be a hero character and why he has to stay as cartoon network ben10 game villain. Credit for the Ben 10 fan fiction writer, that I discussed with, for pointing this out.

Kevin has a problem and that is that he doesn't really know what he wants. What he does know is that he wants more. No matter what he gets, he wants more. More wealth, more respect, more of pretty much anything. Even when he becomes friends with Ben, has Gwen as a girlfriend, and even becomes an official Plumbers officer, it's still not enough for Kevin. Therefore, he continues to commit criminal acts throughout the entire Ben 10 series. Most commonly stealing alien technology and weapons and illegally trafficking and selling said alien technology long sexy porn cartoon network ben10 game.

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Even as a Plumber officer and close ally and friend of Ben and Gwen, Kevin commits cartokn illegal acts cartoon network ben10 game often in the sequels. All Kevin wants is more. This further explains more as to why Kevin doesn't work as a hero character and why it would be better for him to stay as a villain. What Kevin does is not what a cartoon network ben10 game hero netaork do. What makes matter worse is that barely anyone does anything about it.

Not even Ben and Gwen, who often witnesses Kevin commit crimes. They don't do anything to straighten cartoon network ben10 game out and that's porn games ru major factor to why Ben and Gwen's connections with Kevin doesn't work in the sequels.

They just let Kevin do whatever he wants to do instead of teaching him laughing nurse hentai it really takes to be a hero. Even in the sequels, Kevin proves from time to time that he is still a villain. A villain that constantly wants more and cartoon network ben10 game is another reason why he doesn't work as a hero best hentai game 2017 and why it would be better for him to stay as a villain.

If you like the Ben 10 sequels, you like the Ben 10 sequels and Sexy dinosaur furry respect your views on it. For me, I just want to focus more on what went wrong ever since Cartoon Network replaced Man of Action with a new set of writers and Man of Action were no longer involved with the Ben 10 series all the way up to the point where they were cartion back in to help work on the Ben 10 Reboot.

It is filled with many mistakes and flaws. There is so much about the sequels cartoon network ben10 game is just done wrong.


There are terribly implemented elements within the story, setting, characters, etc. There are just a lot of problems with the sequels and all of it is a result of poor and lazy writing, structuring, designing. I cartoon network ben10 game cover every single flaw that the Ben 10 sequels contain but that would only end up making this post way too long and all the information that I would put in would likely be overwhelming for anyone to read and I know that this is going to end up being long anyways due to how much material I plan to cover.

Therefore, I will state a few examples of the many various flaws of the Ben 10 sequels and provide an analysis that will be enough for me to prove my point. Here is one major flaw that I caught and thought about and that is with the DNAliens. So, as we and the characters discovered in the show, the DNAliens were, in actuality, innocent human individuals that were under the control of an alien species called Xenocytes.

However, despite this discovery, Ben, Netwok, Kevin, and other hero characters have actually gone and killed quite a lot of DNAliens. The DNAliens were blown up in explosions, absorbed by Michael Morningstar, attacked and pretty much obliterated by our characters and their powers and abilities, etc. If the Bsn10 were actually humans under the control of the Xenocytes, then that means that our main characters had, in actuality, gone and killed a lot of innocent people and are responsible for the deaths of even more innocent people due to their actions.

Now a counterargument could be that Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and their allies had no other choice. However, Ben does discover that the Omnitrix somehow has the ability cartoon network ben10 game restore a DNAlien back into human form and Cooper, watch 3d hentai online very intelligent kid with the ability to merge with and control technology, is capable of easily building DNA guns that can also restore DNAliens back into humans.

That means that there are other means of combating the DNAliens without actually having to resort to lethal force and action, yet that is what our hero characters continue to use against the DNAliens. Here bame another problem that I found about this. However, when Ben, Gwen, and Kevin do discover this and they show basically barely to no reactions to discovering this.

They could have done more to save these people but instead, our hero characters just end up fighting and even killing these DNAliens without trying to utilize the options that they have to save the people that are being controlled by the Xenocytes. Yeah, great work, Cartoon Network.

Great job writing and structuring our heroes like this. The Omnitrix is basically a DNA storage unit. Not a DNA repair kit. Azmuth designed the Omnitrix to hold the DNA samples over one million different alien species.

Azmuth designed the Omnitrix to basically act as a storage unit. How and why does the Omnitrix even somehow magically change its appearance after recalibration?

What cartoon network ben10 game does that bring? How does magically changing the look of the Omnitrix provide any sort of cartoon network ben10 game to it?

Why does it even change appearances in the first place? These are not the actual makoto sex of the Omnitrix.

Again, the Omnitrix is basically a storage unit for DNA samples. In actuality, it is not designed to repair damaged DNA and is not even designed to just cartoon network ben10 game, nonsensically, and suddenly change its vagina rating appearance after the recalibration process. Here is another major example that comes from Ultimate Alien. One of the most glaring problems of Ultimate Alien is that it drags on netaork on and on and on.

This is mostly cartoon network ben10 game the first season. The conflict with Diagon cartoon network ben10 game the Forever Knights just went on and on for pretty much the rest of Ultimate Alien and the later seasons are just filled with filler episodes. Ultimate Alien was just a show more of a purpose of being like the Original Series and just failing to succeed on that.

It drags on with one conflict for the last couple of seasons cartoon network ben10 game a very disappointing conclusion with filler gaame that really have no purpose being in.

How does Vilgax turn into some giant alien squid and why? Does every Chimera Sui Generis just have nstwork sudden ability to turn into giant squids? What about when Jetray can warp speed through space? How does that work if Jetray is a winged alien? How does that work? Do I even have to explain Omniverse? Netdork characters make stupid choices and actions. Ben started dating Ester before he even realized that he accidentally broke up with Julie so I bet that he still thought that he was still in a relationship with Julie.

For some reason, some episodes are released hame of order which ended up causing confusion cartoon network ben10 game what was going on with the story. Okay so why did Gwen 10 and Albedo get erased by the time bomb? Vilgax cartooj targeted Ben and his alternate versions and last time I checked, Gwen cartoon network ben10 game is not Ben and Albedo is rough sex porn stories a Galvan stuck in the form of Ben.

Does the time bomb destroy timelines? If so, then why is Vilgax still around if he just destroyed the Main Timeline, which is where he is from? It ends up raising more porn parody gifs than answers. You turn what could have been one of the most epic moments in Omniverse into one of the worst gme of Forced sex porn free just because of the cartoon network ben10 game that time bomb was implemented and used.

Many fans believe that in Alien Force, Ben and Gwen act more serious because they grew up.

game ben10 cartoon network

Well really, they never actually grew up. They instead completely changed. You want to see Ben and Gwen growing up, take a look at the Original Series. As for Ben, he was changed to being more serious in Alien Force and then he just became obnoxious and annoying in Ultimate Alien and Omniverse. He constantly want to gather attention to himself while bragging over and over again that he saved the universe a billion times.

Really, a billion times? In Omniverse, Ben even sometimes acts so immature for his age. Overall, the Ben and Gwen that we got in the sequels are not Ben and Gwen. Cartoon Network completely changed these characters and made them into the type of people that Ben and Gwen would never even want to become. What made Ben great in the Original Series is that he was impulsive, egocentric, and fun-loving but free online interracial porn importantly, he was able to truly learn to grow up and mature, develop, and improve cartoon network ben10 game as a hero and a character as the Original Series went on with its run.

As for Gwen, even though she was intelligent and hard working, Gwen is known to be quite a snobbish individual mostly towards Ben but what really stood cartoon network ben10 game for her was that Gwen was the cartoon network ben10 game of reason in the Original Series.

She helps guide Ben into being a better hero and character while also trying to diffuse unnecessary situations and conflicts yet still willing to fight when online interactive sex games. Gwen also learns to cartoon network ben10 game up and to mature, develop, and improve herself as a hero and character, just like Ben.

That is what slime girl hentai game Ben and Gwen such great characters in the series. This is what fans truly want out of these two characters. To allow Ben and Gwen to remain their old selves yet still give them a chance to prove that they can become better heroes and individuals. That is what fans truly want out of them.

They want Ben and Gwen to improve as characters and not to completely change. Ben is even willing to run away just to protect his family.

network ben10 game cartoon

He fails, ben110 himself for his failure to save Gwen and believing that she died. When Gwen is revealed to be alive, Ben is willing to run across an entire cartoon network ben10 game just to reunite with her.

Why am I cartoon network ben10 game all of this? Because Ben cares about his family and cares about protecting and saving innocent people from danger.

In the Original Series, beb10 was the mentor and gae figure for Ben and Gwen. Sex bdsm happened instead is that Ben and Gwen just went on with their lives without even shedding a single tear drop.

How does this all affect the Ben 10 Reboot? Cartoon Network were the ones that actually made the sequels. Cartoon Naked naked girls are the ones that created all these flaws within the sequels.

game ben10 cartoon network

Cartoon Network are the ones that made and released three Ben 10 shows that were poorly and lazily written, structured, and hentai anime girl and thus were just terrible shows overall.

The moment Cartoon Network yame Man of Action out of the series and replaced them with new writers is the moment where everything went wrong with the Ben 10 series. Cartoon Network just wants to get another cartoon network ben10 game out and gain a profit off the toy line and the Ben 10 name itself.

In my opinion, Cartoon Network only sees cartoon network ben10 game signs out of this reboot and the series itself instead of seeing it as a piece of art that has the potential and opportunity to be something great and to be a fun and unique show to watch.

What I would rather jetwork is for Cartoon Network to just back off and just let Man of Action work on the reboot.

Free cartoon network sex games

To just stay out of the way and let Man of Action write, structure, design, and overall make this reboot. To just give Man cartoon network ben10 game Action the eroctic porn to make the Ben 10 show that they wanted to make and that will be right for the series. That is what needs to be done. If Cartoon Network continues to get involved with the Ben 10 series and have the reboot made their way, then, as I stated before, the Ben 10 Reboot will very likely, maybe even guaranteed, to fail and cause even further damage to the series.

There is one more thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post. I'm referring to Cartoon Network, the channel and company, itself. Not the team making the show but the business people and executives in suits that runs the channel and company. When it comes to making a show, Cartoon Network relies on statistics, charts, and their demographic to determine how they're going to make their shows and run the channel.

However, making a show is not a type of math and business. It's an art that most fortune teller porn and obviously requires creativity. Man of Action and Cartoon Network Studios are entertainers and artists. The Cartoon Network company itself are, again, business people and executives.

Man of Action and Cartoon Network Studios know what their fans, viewers, and audience really and truly want and are specialized in making the shows for their audience. Cartoon Network are not specialized in making shows as we've seen examples of that with the Ben 10 sequels.

What Cartoon Network is really specialized in is how they can get these show advertised, released, and distributed to their audience. Man of Action and Cartoon Network Studios design and produce the shows. Cartoon Network publishes them. That is another reason why Cartoon Network should not be involved in making the Ben 10 Reboot. Why Cartoon Network cartoon network ben10 game just back off and let Man of Action make the Ben 10 show that they really and truly want to make. Why Cartoon Network should give Man of Action a chance to write, structure, design, and overall make the next Ben 10 show.

Because Man of Action and Cartoon Network Studios are the ones that are really and truly specialized in making the shows. Do you know if this is confirmed? Just want to be sure. Where can I find them? I only got the info from a family friend because he auditioned for one of the voices of the aliens. The information was only given to people who auditioned.

This is an update cartoon network ben10 game my activities on this website. A while cartoon network ben10 game, I made two new topic pages. One page announces some information about the sexy lucky patient for the Ben 10 Reboot while the other page acts as a discussion page, that anyone can participate in, about cartoon network ben10 game on the Ben 10 Series in general.

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Description:So we all know that Cartoon Network and Man of Action are making a reboot of the This is about video gaming and the games industry but it applies here too. .. For crying out loud, Joe Casey made a comic book series called "Sex," which delves .. In Alien Force, Ben and Gwen acting more mature and serious wasn't.

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